What is ‘Baby Gronk Rizzed Up Olivia Dunne’ Meme? All You Need to Know (2024)

Did LSU gymnast and TikTok sensation Livvy Dunne really ‘rizz up’ Baby Gronk? Here’s what you need to know about the viral meme.

By Natasha Bose

Published on Jun 10, 2024 | 04:31 PM IST| 48.7K

What is ‘Baby Gronk Rizzed Up Olivia Dunne’ Meme? All You Need to Know (1)

Why Did Livvy Dune ‘Rizz Up’ Baby Gronk; Exploring Viral Meme

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In December 2023, a very weird, slightly concerning, and nonetheless hilarious meme popped up online. Basically, it's about Livvy Dunne “rizzing up” Baby Gronk and thus making him the new Drip King—the “rizzing up” could be interpreted the other way around, too.

Unless you're well versed with the Gen Z lingo, you won't get it, no cap. Just know that Livvy made Baby Gronk the new "Rizz King." Confused? Don't worry, we can explain everything.

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Breaking down the Baby Gronk-Livvy Dunne meme

To get why this meme is popular, you need to know about a TikTok account @h00pify. They posted videos of Livvy Dunne—a big TikTok star and gymnast at LSU—helping to "recruit" a fourth grader known as Baby Gronk, famous for his football skills.

The TikToks used phrases like "rizzed up" and "drip," and the way they're presented is very odd, almost like an AI trying to act like a Gen Z'er. The videos have strange noises and effects, too.

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This meme caught on in the weirder corners of sports Twitter, with people finding it bizarre and creepy. As Elena Cavender from Mashable explains, "rizz" means charisma and implies flirting.


So, this odd TikTok suggests that a 10-year-old and a college student are flirting in some way? ***insert cricket noises*** It's weird, we know. But the gist is that Baby Gronk later on became the latest Rizz King or Drip King because of Livvy—or she might be because of him.

Note: Drip King, a college lacrosse player, was previously connected to Livvy Dunne.

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Who is Baby Gronk?

Baby Gronk is Madden San Miguel, a 10-year-old football prodigy.

The nickname "Baby Gronk" refers to Rob Gronkowski, a former NFL star and one of the greatest tight ends ever. Gronkowski won four Super Bowls with the New England Patriots.

Madden has 320,000 followers on Instagram, where his parents manage his account. It's full of photos with celebrities and NFL stars, and videos of his football skills. He often wears a "Baby Gronk" chain with crystals.


Livvy Dunne's career summed up

Olivia Dunne’s parents decided to homeschool Livvy starting at age 14 so she could focus on her training more. She later went to Pascack Valley High School but was not a regular there, since she was managing the gymnastics team with her older sister.

Livvy Dunne first competed in the 2014 American Classic at 11, finishing 28th. A month later, she placed 12th at the U.S. Classic. By 2017, she made the U.S. Nationals team.

After high school, she joined Louisiana State University. In 2020, she joined the LSU Tigers gymnastics team and started her TikTok, which would later give rise to her humongous popularity.

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What is ‘Baby Gronk Rizzed Up Olivia Dunne’ Meme? All You Need to Know (2)

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What is ‘Baby Gronk Rizzed Up Olivia Dunne’ Meme? All You Need to Know (2024)


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